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Road Safety


For years, highway safety experts have said that highway design is one of the most important elements in the battle to save lives on our highways.

Experts say that poor road conditions will continue to grow exponentially if action is not taken.

Among the most important enhancements that influence the highway safety are improving horizontal and vertical alignment, installing new traffic lights, and adding turn lanes and traffic signals.

Vertical alignment determination is crucial at junctions, intersections and in mountain terrain, in general.

OptiRoads offers sight distance safety improvement by optimal automatic modification of roadway vertical alignment.

It performs the job at two stages:

At the first stage, OptiRoads receives speed limit and other roadway standard specifications as an input, checks the road’s (or a system of roads’) sight distance and verifies if it is conformal to the speed limits determined. In particular, it checks:

  • Percent and length of project exceeding maximum % grade
  • Percent and length of project meeting minimum stopping sight distance
  • Signing correspondence

At the second stage, OptiRoads improves sight distance by adjusting vertical alignment to the speed limit. The roadway will be heightened or lowered by the optimal amount needed to improve sight distance. The system checks improvement alternatives and chooses the most cost-effective option.

OptiRoads safety improvement is useful on both Design& Build stage and in modification of existing roadways.

Makor offers its OptiRoads sight distance safety improvement services to both governmental agencies and engineering/contracting companies.